You live an expat life in the area between Rotterdam and Leiden. Home away from home. You seem to have it all and yet – you do not feel that way. You feel stressed and tension builds from a variety of sources. You have doubts if this job or this life is still suitable for you. What is the purpose of life?

Changing gears

Doubting expat life and your own role takes a lot of energy. It is annoying to not know what the future holds for you, to worry about what you should do and to doubt your ability to be able to. It is a question that calls for reflection, for debate and, if necessary, for action. If you want to address it, it is wise not to do this on your own. Instead you may prefer to work with a professional coach. The coach will help you discover your route and pinpoint the actions you need to take. You will feel more relaxed and at ease knowing you are working on your future in a healthy way!

Outdoor coaching

As a biologist I am convinced of the value of nature for our wellbeing. Nature inspires, energizes and brings peace of mind. I therefore like to take my clients outside. We do not sit in a room, emptying a box of tissues, but we go outside and walk in a natural environment. Being outdoors, the beauty of nature and the walking help to reduce stress which supports our route to your strength and your future.

Invitation for a free get to know walk

Be proud of your first step

Yes, I accept


My coaching programme Expat without Stress may be helpful for you. I have a program for those who doubt their expat job in the area and one for trailing spouses  who feel they lack direction.  You are welcome. Just contact me.

I feel more at ease

I looked forward to walking with Marcella. I found out that I was far away from what I wanted to be. She helped me find my inner "Vefali" and now I know I will continue to grow again.

O. Turkey

New way of thinking

Marcella helped me by asking me questions that made me question the ideas I always thought to be true. It changed my way of thinking, It changed the way I think of myself. Marcella was a true friend along the way.

V. Belgium